Pfama alcosan liquid sanitizer picture

Alcohol based waterless, liquid sanitizer with biocide used within the food and general industry for daily microbial control(Hand, surface & seat)

Pfama disinfectant pine (qac) picture

Water based Pine, gp cleaner with QAC. Used as an all purpose biocidal cleaner.

Pfama auto-foam plus picture

Concentrated auto snow foaming shampoo , machine / oncentrated auto snow foaming shampoo , machine / hand

Customer can dilute 25lt = 500 cars bucket w…

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Pfama auto-clean concentrated degreaser picture

Water based degreaser and general cleaner - Mag rims/wheels, Engen & Chassis’s cleaner.

Dilution on the pfama clean(degreaser): 1lt of Pfama Clean - 10lt water

Pfama bling-bling picture

Tyre Shine

Solvent, spot, grease, tarr % grime remover(SPRAY & WIPE) 

Pfama dash cream 5 ltr picture

Water base dash & interior treatment(USE AS IS)

Pfama pine gel (green) picture

Super concentrated pine cleaning gel

Pfama car polish picture

One step, high gloss 

Water based leather, vinyl & carpet cleaner 

Pfama leather cream picture

Leather cream treatment emulsion (USE AS IS)

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